How to pull off an effortlessly stylish look

Today’s women are always on the go. Whether it is career, family, friends or even some much-needed me-time, juggling several tasks and responsibilities is no easy feat. Bogged down with life’s obligations, you might not feel up to getting your style game on. Most of the days, you just end up putting together whatever is handy from your closet. But that is no excuse for mismatched outfits and this practice only overwhelms you so much that it gradually erodes your confidence and self-esteem. Because let’s face it, the first impression is very important and how you dress says a lot about your persona. Your look boosts your confidence and sets the tone of your day, and we don’t want you feeling unkempt and unsure. We have a few secrets in our kitty that we are going to share with you to make your life easier when it comes to indulging your inner style diva. Read on to know how to look stylish and chic without investing too much time and effort.

  1. Plan in advance

Don’t leave your outfit planning for the eleventh hour. Putting together a look is easier than it looks; all you need is some planning. Invest some time every night to pick an outfit for the next day and everything that goes with it. Dressing up in the morning should be fun and something you look forward to, not stress-inducing. Whether you are putting together a formal, modest kaftan look for your business meeting or a comfortable kaftan or abaya for a casual weekend, it takes little planning and effort. When you know you are dressed well with all the right accessories in place, it puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Now isn’t that attractive?

2. Pay attention to details

Whatever the occasion and outfit, the key is in the details.

Proper fit – Make sure your clothes fit you properly unless you are going for a baggy look. Kaftans are usually loose-fitting and flowing, but if you wear the right size, they are flattering to your silhouette without looking slouchy. You can look like a fashionista even if your outfit is traditional and modest.

The right colour, patterns and accessories – Wearing the right colour is equally important as the colour palette can make or break your look. Make sure the colour of your outfit is flattering to your skin tone and coordinates correctly with the accessories. Do not mix multiple patterns together otherwise, you will end up looking garish. Also, the colour can change your attitude. If you are feeling a little down, choose a brightly coloured outfit and add some cool accessories to lift your mood. Similarly, don’t spoil a day of fun by wearing drab colours.

Balance – That is not to say that you should go all out and mix bright colours and loud patterns with jazzy accessories or go for an overall dull look. If you are going for a stylish, chic look, the important thing to remember is to balance your outfits and find your personal style.

3. Invest in a few vintage pieces

Buy trendy pieces to your heart’s content. Rise to the occasion. Some extra bling or glitter never hurt anyone. But also try to invest in a few timeless and versatile pieces that can transcend through seasons, occasions and outfits. A few classic pieces of jewellery, bags and shoes can add a touch of sophistication and class to your look. As someone rightly said, “It’s the new age vintage!”

4. Dress according to your body type

Knowing your body type and dressing accordingly is important if you want to look like a fashionista. It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, round, thin, or any other type. The trick is to highlight your best feature, along with going for the right look. If you are short, horizontal stripes are a strict no-no. They will only make you look broader, thereby shortening your stature even further. Instead, opt for vertical stripes and monochrome colours that will add a few visual inches to your height. Heels are your best bet if you want to stand tall. Similarly, if you are blessed with a good height, highlight it by wearing outfits that have intricate work on the top and a billowy bottom for a visual appeal.

The trick to being stylish and classy is to wear a look that is comfortable and helps you define your personal sense of style.