Our Global Presence

Shailendar Chhugani brand is one of the biggest manufacturers and bulk suppliers of kaftans, jalabiyas, abayas, etc around the world. Based in India, our products are manufactured, customized according to our client's needs and exported majorly to Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, to name a few.

In Saudi Arabia, a majority of the women still wear traditional clothing but with changing times and cultural norms, many women are now opting for their modest yet stylish alternatives. We are one of the main bulk suppliers of kaftans to Saudi Arabia since our stylish, comfortable garments with beautiful traditional embroidery and embellishments, like this Grey Kaftan, are perfect for any occasion.

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Traditional attire in UAE is designed keeping in mind the culture and religious beliefs, as well as the hot weather of the region. The modest and traditional plain black abaya and burqa are still the choice of attire for older Emirati women but the younger generation is choosing their embroidered and embellished counterparts. This loose-fitting Black and Golden Kaftan gives a contemporary, youthful touch to the conservative attire. We also manufacture and supply luxurious Dubai jalabiyas like this Persian Blue Embroidered Kaftan.

Omani attire, like the rest of the Arab countries, is greatly influenced by traditions and religious beliefs. The Omani national dress for women is usually a long dress worn over pants. We manufacture our garments, design intricate embroidery and embellishments in addition to add-ons like laces and tassels which make our products reasonably priced. Check out our royal Omani Kaftan in red.


Qatar has a long-standing history with fashion as it is considered one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Although modest and traditional, the stylish women in Qatar do not shy away from donning bright colours with exquisite embroidery and glittery embellishments. We are the one-stop manufacturers of these luxurious garments, also catering to our clients’ customization needs from fabrics to embroidery to embellishments. Our bright Ruby Red Kaftan is one of the bestselling kaftans in Qatar.

The modest, traditional wear of Kuwait is inspired by its rich heritage and culture. The traditional jalabiyas of Kuwait, also known as Vataniyas have rich, luxurious fabrics with intricate embroidery work and embellishments. Our garments are cheaper as compared to locally produced garments as we manufacture, design and embroider our garments at our unit, which are then supplied in bulk to Kuwait. On the other hand, local markets need to import various materials like fabrics, embellishments, laces, etc which add to their cost and renders the outfit expensive. Thus we cater to a broader range of people and our garments are ideal for any occasion, like this luxurious Bottle Green Kaftan


We also manufacture bridal wear and are one of the leading wholesalers and bulk suppliers of bridal couture across several nations. Check our dreamy White Kaftan that would make a perfect wedding dress for an Arab bride.