Twinning with your baby girl!

Mothers and daughters have shared a special bond since time immemorial. A mother has always been a role model to her daughter. She is her idol, her inspiration, someone who can do no wrong. A daughter looks up to her mother and tries to emulate her in everything that she does. No matter what her age, there is nothing a daughter would love more than to dress up like her mother. As a mother, you can fulfill your baby girl’s dream to dress like you by turning the saying “like mother, like daughter” into reality, literally. How, you ask? By putting your caftans twinning game on with your mini version!

Casual, traditional caftans, or royal, luxury caftans, both you and your little girl can carry them off gracefully and without much effort. Moroccan Caftans, specifically, have always been in trend for their comfortable silhouettes as well as their modest, yet luxurious look. Whether it is a party, a wedding or a festive season, dress for any occasion in matching caftans and celebrate the love and bond with your daughter. We know finding the perfect caftan that works for both of you can be quite a hassle. But don’t you worry, we are here to help ease your mind. 

For the lady in you and the little lady, that is your mini-me, we have just the right collection of Moroccan caftans to choose from. All the caftans in this collection can be customized in any size, including children’s sizes.

1. Light Yellow Morrocan Caftan 

This pretty Moroccan caftan in light yellow is crafted from georgette and satin fabrics, making it easier to carry, yet looks royal and traditional. Elegant Moroccan cord embroidery, Moroccan laces and pretty embellishments give this piece an ethereal look. You and your baby girl are bound to look like princesses in this caftan. 

2. Royal Blue Moroccan Caftan

This royal blue Moroccan caftan is as regal and luxurious as they come. Crafted from soft fabrics and adorned with beautiful Moroccan embroidery and embellishments, this one is truly irresistible. 

3. Prussian Blue Moroccan Caftan

Made from soft, breezy fabrics, this caftan flaunts an intrinsic hand-embroidered floral pattern and glittering embellishments. Moroccan laces and buttons add a charm to this modest piece, that you and your daughter can wear to any occasion.

4. Emerald Green Moroccan Caftan

This beautiful emerald green caftan with stunning golden embroidery will make you and your little girl stand out at any event. Dazzling embellishments and pretty Moroccan buttons add to the beauty of this piece.

5. Peach Moroccan Caftan

Crafted in easy-breezy georgette and satin, this caftan is comfortable enough for you and your daughter to wear on any occasion. Flattering blue embroidery, sparkling embellishments and pretty Moroccan laces and buttons enhance the look of this vibrant caftan.

6. Red Moroccan Caftan

This caftan in a bright red colour is captivating. Make it two and the effect is truly mesmerizing. The mother-daughter duo will make an everlasting impression at any event with this caftan bejeweled with sparkling embellishments, hand-embroidered floral threadwork and gorgeous Moroccan laces and buttons. 

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