Why made-to-measure is worth it?

Online shopping has definitely proven to be one of the biggest advantages of today’s digital world. The choice of customizing your clothes from the luxury of your home and having them delivered to your doorstep is an added boon, especially in the recent pandemic-struck times. But like everything else, technology comes with its own set of worries too. While deciding to shop online, the pressing question on everyone’s mind is whether the clothing will fit correctly or not. Ordering the correct size is extremely important, for which, you need to know your accurate measurements. The same goes for customizing an outfit. Every body type is different. So a certain size that fits one woman may not sit well with another woman even if they wear the same size. A casual, comfortable outfit might work with proper sizing, but buying a luxury, couture garment online is a bit more challenging than that. This is where our Bespoke service wins. The fit and style of the outfit have the power to make or break the look.

Bespoke or Made-to-measure, as the term suggests, gives you a perfect fit, but it isn’t limited to just size. An outfit can be customized with regard to fabric type, colour, style, embroidery patterns, embellishments – the whole works. At Shailendar Chhugani, we have curated a list of pointers that will address your concerns regarding customized, tailored clothing and why it is worth the investment.

1. You can get the perfect fit

This is the most important step to keep in mind while opting to customize an outfit. Do not rely on your previous sizes. Always have your recent measurements as this will reduce the chances of error and ill-fit. By precisely following the reference image given below, you can easily take accurate measurements, thereby ensuring your customization game is on point.

2. You can customize according to your colour preference

Spotted a kaftan that you loved, but it isn’t available in your favourite colour? Or the available shade doesn’t suit your complexion? No biggie! With our Bespoke services, you can easily customize the style in your preferred colour and shade.

3. You can choose your fabric

Is luxurious silk and satin more your style? Or are you someone who places casual, comfortable cotton wear over high couture? Our garments, whether they are casual kaftans or luxurious couture, are made from the finest quality fabrics. You can have your pick of fabric that matches your style or requirement.

4. You can flaunt your personal style 

Gone are the days of wearing someone else’s style. Our Bespoke service lets you personalize your outfits, whether it is changing embroidery patterns, adding your favourite embellishments or changing the silhouette that works for your body type. Create a masterpiece that screams your gorgeous personal style.   

A made-to-measure outfit that is well-fitted, has the right style and the right colour will give a royal and luxurious feel to your look which, in turn, will add to your confidence.